Virtual Authors 10 Authors, 10 Days, 10 Tales Tour

Tour ScheduleWeds. 15th:

Twitter follow: Renne Michaels

Character blog: Maggie Berkley

Guest blog: Yvonne Nicholas

Book vid: Franny Armstrong

Thur. 16th:

Twitter follow: LaVerne Thompson

Character blog: Missy Lyons

Guest blog: James Lewis

Book vid: NA

Fri. 17th:

Twitter follow: Kristy Bock

Character blog: Franny Armstrong

Guest blog: Maggie Berkley

Book vid: Renee Michaels

Sat. 18th:

Twitter follow: Dee Shores

Character blog: James Lewis

Guest blog: Angel Martinez

Book vid: Missy Lyons

Sun. 19th:

Twitter follow: Franny Armstrong

Character blog: Yvonne Nicholas

Guest blog: Kristy Bock

Book vid: Maggie Berkley

Mon. 20th:

Twitter follow: Missy Lyons

Character blog: Angel Lewis

Guest blog: LaVerne Thompson

Book vid: James Lewis

Tues. 21th:

Twitter follow: Maggie Berkley

Character blog: Kristy Bock

Guest blog: Renee Michaels

Book vid: Yvonne Nicholas

Weds. 22nd:

Twitter follow: James Lewis

Character blog: LaVerne Thompson

Guest blog: Dee Shores

Book vid: Angel Martinez

Thur. 23rd:

Twitter follow: Yvonne Nicholas

Character blog: Renee Michaels

Guest blog: Franny Armstrong

Book vid: Kristy Bock

Fri. 24th:

Twitter follow: Angel Martinez

Character blog: Dee Shores

Guest blog: Misy Lyons

Book vid: LaVerne Thompson


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