What is Sexy?

What Is Sexy? The Bad Boy or the Good Guy

I’m sure everyone has heard this question a time or two but I can’t help asking it again. What is sexy? Is it the physical or the mental? Is it a muscle bound man with the face of an Adonis or a skinny nerd who’s willing to listen when you need an ear? Colin Farrell or Colin Hanks? Bad boy or good guy? So many different descriptions and ideas it just about makes your head spin.
The reason I’m thinking of this is not because I’m the expert on sexy (though I know what I think is sexy) but because everyone has their own opinions. I mean, not just your best friend or neighbor but the TV, movies and books you read…everyone has a word about the subject. With the Twilight war (Team Edward or Team Jacob), the new release of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows (the intense Harry vs. the bumbling Ron) and for us grown-ups studly Jason Stathan or the everyman Jason Segal, there is always one considered more bad than good, more masculine than geeky. Do you like the love ‘em and leave ‘em type (hoping you’d be the one to reform them) or the guy next door who at times wears the missed matched socks and bad hair cut?
I’m torn at times when I think about it. I mean, who doesn’t like handsome? A pretty face and a hot bod can sure make the tingles stir, but it doesn’t do much good when the object of your affection is dumber than a box of pop rocks or shallower then the puddle in my driveway. But then there’s nothing worse than a couch potato who’s idea of romance is pizza and a bang ‘em up movie (how many times have I spent an anniversary doing that?)
What qualities do you find attractive? A soft glint in his eyes as he notices you watching him? The way the corner of his mouth tilts in a knowing grin that takes your breath away? How about the way his voice gets all husky as he rolls over to say “Good morning”? (Oops, I’m talking about my own hubby) Or how about the way he doesn’t get mad when you over spend (even though you know he should) and instead takes you out to show you off? And what about when you’re feeling (and even looking) fat and nothing fits? You’re miserable but he comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist while nuzzling your neck and says, “You’ll always be beautiful to me” and you can hear the truth in his voice?
I know my idea of sexy has changed from the time I was in my early twenties to now. I loved those hot, smooth-chested studs. Long thick hair, rock hard abs and a face you’d only see in a Chippendale calendar. I dreamt about it, read stories about it and giggled madly when one crossed my path but as I said, times have changed. Yes, I still think those boy wonders are still pretty great (but at a distance) but now a hairy chest turns me on (not bear hair, just nice hairy…lol) and I find I’m becoming more attracted to the Lords of the Chrome Dome. Guys no longer have to have the drool worthy bodies to catch my attention but a really good sense of humor and an honesty about them is hard to find unless you actually take the time to notice. Though Bad Boys are nice, Good Guys have an appeal too and are usually overlooked as ‘nice but’s` (you know the guy, I’m sure you said it to them before too. “Your nice, but…”)
So who’s the guy you’d let eat crackers in bed? What is sexy to you?


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