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Richard Hijacks the Blog

As a writer, and a reader, I love history. I’m not talking about boring modern history or the endless WWII documentaries on the History Channel (oh, dear gods, not another one!) It’s the grand expanse of human history I adore, the millennia past. While historicals aren’t a genre I’ve delved into yet, I’ve had occasion, for back-story, for backdrop and background, to delve into certain historical periods.

History viewed through a modern lens has some pitfalls—

Excuse me. Could I interject?

Richard! Folks, this is Richard von Schaumburg, one of my heroes from A Different Breed.

Did you have to give my full name? Honestly, Angel, you’ll tell them everything next.

Well, um, there is the book…

Yes, the book. (Richard heaves a sigh and runs a hand back through his thick, black hair.) I suppose it’s too late, really. Done is done. But as for the historical bits of the story, you cheated.

What? What a thing to say!

I know you. You’re about to go on and on about the importance of research, and placing real historical figures into your writing, and the pitfalls of anachronism.

You can’t very well have a medieval monk with a digital watch, now, can you? Or chili peppers in twelfth century Bavaria.

True. But you had me.

Yes, but—

And you had no need to seek out source material on Duke Henry the Lion or Barbarossa, the attitudes of the time, or material culture. All you had to do was ask.

But I still had to ask the right questions. And I do come by my German honestly. Richard, are you angry with me?

(My favorite vampire and erstwhile knight flings himself into the corner armchair, long legs stretched out before him.) I agreed to help tell the story, but I don’t recall giving permission for publication. My private life exposed. Joshua’s private life exposed. It’s…indecent.

Josh said it was fine. In fact, I believe his exact words were, “Wow, no shit? We’ll be in print? This is so kick-ass!”

(Richard’s cheeks show the barest touch of pink – vampire blush.) Joshua does have a way with words. I suppose since he’s so excited, I can’t forbid it now.

Would be a little tricky at this point, anyway. It’s coming out next week.


Next Sunday, actually. A Different Breed releases November 28th. I think it’s important to tell your story, dear. For you, for Josh, for William.

For William… (Richard stares at his hands) Very well. Since I’m too late with my objections and I do see some merit in it as a cathartic exercise…

So we’re good to go?

Yes, yes. Privacy be damned.

Thank you! Can I give them the blurb now?

You may as well. We’ve come this far. But if we start having people turning up on the doorstep at the house…

I guess you’ll just have to stock extra tea and pastries for guests then, won’t you?

A Different BreedReleasing November 28, 2010 – A new M/M Paranormal from Amber Allure

Josh hunts vampires to avenge his slaughtered twin sister. The only good vamp is a dead vamp, period. Richard destroys his prejudices in the first few moments of conversation and the sexual sparks ignite between them. Richard offers the stability Josh never had. Josh offers the healing Richard needs.
But an attack one evening leaves a friend in the hospital, Richard with a bullet through his chest, and Josh fighting to piece together what happened. Are Richard’s nightmare attackers real, or is Josh’s favorite vamp losing his mind? Is there a reasonable explanation or has the hunter now become prey?

Angel Martinez is the erotic fiction pen name of a writer of several genres. She lives with her little family and all of her characters (good grief, what a crowded little house!) in the jumbled sprawl of Northern Delaware. Angel had her first erotic work published in 2006 and she’s never looked back.

For more about Angel, her writing and odd, stray thoughts, visit:
Angel Martinez: Erotic Fiction for the Hungry Mind


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