The Wonderfully Delightful Franny Armstrong~ParaNovelGirl

EEK! I heard Christmas music today. I nearly knelt down on the floor and bawled my eyes out. Shopping has never been my favorite past time and spending money…well, let’s just say I’d rather be writing.

Are people more friendly at Christmas time? Do we begrudge parting with our hard earned cash for such a delightful cause? Is it possible that when our clothing shrinks over the next month or so that we’ll be pleased about it? HA! HA! HA!

Santa, here’s my letter:

Dear Santa.

For Christmas this year I want all our soldiers home, all homeless people fed and housed, peace in the world and a new molar since mine just broke into three pieces and fell out. SIGH Hugs Franny (remember me when I was a freckle faced, curly haired, green eyed kid who always laughed?)

Too much to ask? I’ll settle for the first two and pray we’ll all have a wonderful, peaceful reunion with our loved ones. Gosh, I’m happy I don’t have any family abroad fighting, yet sad because I haven’t a clue as to how I could do the ‘Bob Hope’ thing and entertain those brave souls who strive to protect our freedom. Even my kids banned me from singing in the house claiming I hurt their ears.

Watching the news makes me cringe. My doctor said don’t do it, I’m too sensitive. I suppose I’ll just have to take my vitamins, drink and eat less of the things I KNOW are not good for me and keep striving for the good health that has evaded me for nearly a decade.

Well on the road to recovery, it makes me realized just how important being fit is. Wonder why I never realized it when I was well? Not to worry, I’m digging a trench for myself and knuckling down to succeed in business for the first time in my adult life. I have a plan. Shhhh…can’t tell you what it is right now, but come January 1, 2011, I’ll have a surprise for everyone. Stay tuned.

Hugs and have a safe and merry season. (Still too early for me)

Franny Armstrong
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One response to “The Wonderfully Delightful Franny Armstrong~ParaNovelGirl

  1. Hey Franny! Loved the post. :o)
    Christmas music makes me feel so wonderful. It’s a feel-good holiday. Mmm, egg nog. *giggle* I remember I used to love shopping with the masses and collecting Christmas gifts for my friends and family. But with so much going on, I prefer to do it on line these days. Sometimes you find the best deals online.
    I hope you have a fabulous Christmas Franny. Smooches.

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