The Witty and Fun Dee Shore!

When I sat down to write the blog for today, the “interview” I did with one of my characters kept popping up in my head. I think that’s a sign that I should share it with you, right?

So without further ado, I introduced you to Matt Carlson:

I sit back on the bar stool waiting for Matt to arrive. Looking at the time on my BlacBerry and he is, of course, 20 minutes late. Ordering another drink, I look towards the door as it opens and in steps Matt with an air about himself. Almost automatically, every woman in the bar turns to watching walk in. That was the effect Matt had on women, and heck even some men. Everyone wanted a piece of him and if they were lucky and stuck around someone could be going home with him. Spotting me at the bar he struts over texting away on his smart phone.

• Dee: It’s about time you-
Matt holds his finger up telling me to shut up…how rude!
• Matt: Hold on I gotta txt my bro Sage that he can’t booty call his wife.
Pulling out a chair from the bar he smoothly slides into it and leans back getting a drink from the bartender.
• Dee: Booty call his girl-friend?
• Matt: Yeah fucker doesn’t realize there’s an art behind the booty call.
• Dee: Wait, Matt there’s an art to booty call? *looking stunned*
• Matt: You know darling *slow sexy grin*
At this point I have to compose myself because Matt is a major hottie. *fanning my face*
• Matt: I’m sexy I know all the ladies have that response to me. *another close sexy grin*
• Dee: *rolling my eyes* Ok big head; enlighten me with the proper way to booty call.
• Matt: ‘Course need to make sure I spread the wise information passed down from generations.
• Dee: LOL! Rules?
• Matt: Gotta have rules. I’m a sexy and I can’t be letting all these women think they’re gonna tie me down. I’m too sexy to married.
• Dee: Matt *dies giggling* you have issues. Should I write these rules down?
• Matt: Take notes while the master speak
Not writing them down… well maybe LOL

• Matt: Rule number one – “No sleeping over — unless the “act” was very good and we need to repeat it in the morning.”
• Dee: Is cuddling allowed?
• Matt: I’m not teddy bear, thought I ‘m playful like one, nor your boyfriend, though you wish I was. Cuddling is a no.
• Dee: Darn! *snaps fingers* Ok what next?
• Matt: Rule number two – “No meeting in public, except for drinks before the events of the evening.” We’re not together, no need to be seen out in public.
• Dee: This so reminds of the song “Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects.
• Matt: That’s my theme song *smirks*
• Dee: Of course it is. Silly me.
• Matt: Rule number three – “No calls before 9 p.m. We don’t have anything to talk about.”
• Dee: *Falls over giggling* this brings back memories.
• Matt: Rule number four – “None of that “lovemaking’ stuff. Only SEX allowed.” Don’t act shocked. The ladies are worst than men. I’ve heard some conversations coming from women.
• Dee: Were you listening in to my conversation last night with my cousin? Shame on you Matt lol
• Matt: Gotta wash that mouth of yours with soap *grins* Rule number five – “No emotional discussions (i.e. Where are we heading with this? Was I better than your ex? Do you love me?) The answer is no, so don’t ask.”
• Dee: Geesh!
• Matt: It’s a dirty business and I like it dirty *wink* Rule number six – “No calling each other “friends with privileges.’ We are not friends, just sex buddies.” Or fuck buddies.
• Dee: You must be rubbing off on me because I actually see the reasoning behind that.
• Matt: I like to get rub. Rubbing is real good.
• Dee: *smacks him over the head with my flip-flop* Pervo
• Matt: Thanks for the compliment. Rule number seven – ”No glove, no love. Go home.” Gotta protect yourself.
• Dee: Oh I agree with that 100%. You could never be too careful. Anything else?
• Matt: Yeah, rule number eight – “No falling asleep right after sex. It’s over, so get up, get dressed and go home.” Best part of a booty call, you don’t have to call the next person the next day *grins*
• Dee: *shaking my head giggling* Matt you’re a riot with a big head.
• Matt: It is big *wiggling browns* and everyone wants my fine ass.
• Dee: I know someone that wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole.
• Matt: Impossible but go on amuse me. Who is this woman acting like she doesn’t want me feeling her ass up?
• Dee: Mila *giving him a smug smile as he suddenly frowns at me*
• Matt: Why you gotta ruin my mood and mention that *looking disgusted* person?
• Dee: Because you were late and it ruined your mood *I can’t help but giggle at him but suddenly he grins*
• Matt: Bet waiting for me was the highlight of your day.
• Dee: Watch me I’ll be doing cartwheels in a second.
• Matt: It’s cute how you’re acting like I didn’t make your day, no week, no month *slow grin*
• Dee: Alright, alright enough of that you male hussy. Thanks for being here today.

Well there you have it people that’s Matt Carlson for you. A lovable rascal that hunts my mind lol. I hoped you enjoy the journey through my head.

Thanks to Maggie for having me here today!

Stop by my website/blog at or follow me on Twitter @DeeShore. I tend to tweet a lot about almost anything LOL!



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