Asras and Absalom

Slowly, with deliberate, elegant steps, Asras made her way down to the deepest part of her Realm, noting that the farther she went, the darker it got. After finding the hidden door way in her private chambers earlier that morning she had wanted to explore, curious as to where it lead, but instead she had to wait until after her meeting. Not too long ago the Nine Lords and Ladies of her Realm had stood within her chambers, quietly listening as she dictated her desires and now that she was sure they scrambled around busily doing her bidding she felt that she finally had time to see what was down below and discover why this door had been hidden all these years.
As she continued down the steps a twisted, insanely sadistic look gleamed in her cold and soulless eyes. When she reached the bottom of the stairs she looked around for a light source to use but not finding anything to use she waved her hand, creating her softly glowing orb to light the outer chamber. Now able to see clearly she looked around curiously and spotted the door that was covered in spells, strong ones from the looks of it. She walked over, running her pale hand over them she began expanding her power began to unwind them; slowly at first then faster as she realized the length and strength of the spells involved.
Closing her eyes Asras concentrated focusing her power, forcing it to bend the eldrick bonds to her will and frowned when she realized that whoever warded this door had the power and skill to rival even her own great ability. With a snarl of frustration she suddenly hissed as a sharp pain lanced through her hand, surprising her for an instance before determinedly she finished the unwinding.
There was something was within that cell that was guarded, something that someone had decided needed to be left imprisoned but nothing, no spell or lock could keep the Queen of Hell from where she wished to go within her own Realm. Soft clicks and snaps echoed lightly in the air around her as the locks opened then a loud clang followed by a soft creak reached her ears as the door opened slightly. The scent of stale mildew, blood and oldness tickled her nostrils before the stink of centuries old rot and an ancient evil touched the edge of her senses.
Once she unraveled the spells Asras stepped through the door. Seeing that no light reached within the recesses of the room she waved her hand again, lighting the cell with soft light. When the touch of ancient evil brushed against her senses a soft moan of pleasure slipped past her ruby red lips. Turning in a full circle Asras’s eyes raked the room before spotting the creature chained to the back wall, draped in shadows and looking barely alive. With a curious tilt of her head, she walked over and stood before him.
“Well, well what do we have here?” she purred in a dark and husky voice.
The sound of metal against stone slithered through the room as chains shifted. Barely lifting his head the creature peered at her through greasy, tangled hair, revealing the pale flesh of a man covered in years of dirt and dried blood. Intelligent eyes full of marvolent darkness watched her silently as his chest slowly rose and fell with each breath he took. Littered around his body were decimated corpses of rats, their bodies in different forms of decomposition, some headless, some split open up the middles, some torn limb from limb like a flower whose petals were removed whimsically.
Behind him on the rough hued stone wall drawings in faded crimson decorated his cell; pictures of torture, twisted and archaic and deep rivulets dug deep into the walls and floor as if he craved them with his fingers. His breathing became shallower as he watched her, faster and faster as his eyes remained steady on her cruelly beautiful face.
“Speak least I think you are dead and need to be taken out with the rest of the trash.” Asras commanded as she crossed her arms over her ample breasts, watching the rise and fall of the man’s chest with interest for his posture reminded her of a hunting beast after a hard day of sport.
The word was barely a whisper. If she hadn’t seen his lank dark hair move with the outtake of breath she would have to question she had heard him. Then his eyes shifted swiftly past her, locking on to something in the far corner. A small squeak filled the air as a rat floated into view, hovered several feet from the floor in-between them. As Asras’s eyes turned toward the creature curiously a sudden pop echoed in the room as blood and gore exploded from the small furry rodent, splattering her and the floor below it. Laughter erupted from the man, husky and rich though twisted with a cut of insanity.
As her eyes turned back to his face she could see a glimmer of a smile beneath the shadow of his hair. From the edge of her senses a sing song barely rose, a twisted song reminisce of a simple child’s tune, one pleasant to hear until the words were understood. For that was no innocent song of light and joy but instead a song of promise of pain, one that lingers with no sight of death. His eyes snapped back up to hers once again, the intensity within them sharp as a knife.
“Well ain’t that a fine howdy do.” Asras laughed. “What’s your name, demon?” She demanded, chuckling at the twisted version of the lullaby he sang.
The name echoed through out the room, spoken by unseen lips as if the spirits of those he had slain reacted to the presence of the Queen of Hell and the question she asked. Shadows flittered around them, darkening the corner s of the room before twisting upward as if they were the damned reaching heavenward for release.
The chill of the cell deepened as frost quickly trailed up the chains around him and spread out in patterns on the walls. Beneath her feet the floor grew slick with ice as the sounds of breathing quickened followed by soft moans of pain and fear. All the while the creature named Absalom kept his eyes locked to her own, showing no fear as those in her Court do within her intense stare. Instead, a small glimmer of curiosity flickered within the dark depths of those orbs, drawing her in to glimpse the slips of sanity within an insane mind.
Arching one jet black brow she spoke again. “Well, there is a bit of sanity in there. I was beginning to wonder about that.” Stepping closer she reached up a hand and brushed his hair out of his face so that she could get a better look at him.
Under the lank, dark tangled mess was a surprise for no scarred or hideous visage greeted her sight but a face that could have graced the heavens. Youthful, almost peaceful and definitely beautiful beyond words was the face of an Adonis, an angel whose breathtaking face made you want to be in his presence. But the eyes were sharp like steel, hard and deadly in an innocent visage. He watched her expectantly not moving a muscle as her hand touch him, fingers traveling over the contours of his face.
“Well, aren’t you a beautiful being,” Asras commented as she tucked the piece of hair behind his ear then stepped back again. “If I release you are you going to attack me?” she asked.
A soft growl rumbled from his throat, taking a life of its own. Though threatening his words were soft, almost seductive in tone.
“Attack? Do you need to be attacked or would you prefer a little torture? You look like a person who enjoys pain.”
His eyes roamed over her body, almost caressing yet there was nothing sexual in his gaze. Instead it was calculating, as if he were a chef looking over a prime selection of meat. A hint of a smile curled up the corner of his lips as he drew in a lung full of air, enjoying the scent of cruelty that lingered around the woman.
“No, you enjoy the giving of pain, the music of their screams playing for your ears.”
“You’ve no idea how much I enjoy it. The sounds of screams, the smell of burning flesh, the hopelessness, the fear and despair coming off of them. The look of terror in their eyes when they know that the end is near but will not come easy for them.” Asras answered as she walked over to one of his shackles, waving her hand and releasing one arm then doing the same to the other while bracing herself incase he attacked or began to fall.
His body stiffened, the muscles under pale skin coiled and bunched as his fingers curled into claws, the fingernails on the ends broken and dark with old blood. A dark smile crept onto his face as he watched the woman become cautious, his eyes narrowing as his breathing sharpened. Then abruptly he stood up with the ease of a panther, showing no signs of having been chained for years. The rumbling in his chest deepened as his smile widened, showing sharp white teeth, reminding any who viewed him to think Great White shark, void of emotion except for killing.
Turning toward the door that had closed him within the cell, Absalom shifted his eyes to it when suddenly the iron blockade exploded into thousands of slivers, impaling the wall outside the room. Ignoring the woman’s presence he stepped forward, leaving her in the cell and stalked down the hall, his eyes intent, his walk with purpose as if he were driven, seeking something that had not been there for generations. All the while a soft rhyme was repeated under his breath, the words barely making it to Asras’s ears.
Following him out of the cell and down the corridors, Asras watched his every move. Minutes passed as he stalked down the dark, stony halls, pausing every once in a while at a bend or an intersection, the muttering getting more urgent then stop as he would stare down first one corridor then another before taking up the rhyme once more and heading down a selected hall. Almost an hour passed before he jerked to a halt, his shoulders bunching forward as if he were preparing to leap. With a slow motion he turned, facing a closed door she knew belonged to one of the Generals of the Court.
Closing his eyes Absalom rocked back and forth on his heels, the words slipping softly from between his lips, his pale skin covered in filth and faint silvery scars from long ago. Then…with a soft sigh, releasing the air within his lungs his eyes snapped open. At the same time the door before him blew inward, taking the hinges with it, ripping out of the stone walls with such a force the hall shook.
Inside a three people stood, their faces clearly showing surprise as one took a step forward in protest while the other two moved back. The woman’s eyes widened in shock at the sudden disruption taking place while her delicate mouth ‘O’. Raising a hand to her chin she gasped in fear and stumbled back away from him. The other two, both men, were members of her Court, one the General, the other a loyal ally of his.
“What is the…” The General Kistos’s words stumbled to a halt at sight of the deranged man standing in the doorway. “Absalom. How? I thought you were…”
Without further word or movement Kistos flew back, hitting the wall with a resounding crack, hard enough to break stone and found him self held immobile. The second man narrowed his eyes, an angry look filling then as he muttered a few words under his breath and raised a hand, finger pointing at the stranger.
A wound opened across Absalom’s bare chest, skin splitting as deep crimson liquid flowed freely down his abdomen. As if it were nothing but a minor scratch, Absalom ignored the cut and tilted his head to the side as if curious. His lips pulled back in a shark’s smile, cold and without mercy as suddenly the other man let out a piercing scream as a loud ripping sound echoed through out the room.
Blood flew, splattering everyone within the enclosure as the skin was ripped from his body revealing glistening muscles and pale tendons quivering in the open air. Eyes stared out at him without lids, teeth revealed in a twisted grin as the man’s face contorted in pain and anguish from the abrupt removal of his outer demise. Insane diabolical laughter filled the room as Absalom took a step within, moving in long strides to his victim and shoved a hand in-between the muscled chest, searching for something within its rippling package. Then, as if finding the treasure he sought he pulled his hand out, a throbbing heart still pumping its ruby liquid revealed in his hand.
Laughing, Absalom squeezed the organ as blood splattered over his hand to pour into a pool under where they stood. At the same time the skinless being stared in disbelief, fell over backward as Absalom continued forward, stepping over the now still form. The skin, floating in the air above him shot forward and wrapped its obscene visage around the screaming woman, dressing her in its gore as it squeezed tightly, forcing the air from her lungs.
Stopping before the woman, Absalom licked the blood from his fingers before moving his hand to hover before her face then with a quick strike, impaled his fingers into her eyes, the orbs oozing a jellied gore down her cheeks. She tried to scream but her breath was quelled from the living skin. Loud cracks erupted throughout the room as the bones in her body broke and splintered alternately, bringing gasps and cries from her. She died, her brain unable to take the overload of pain as Absalom turned to Kistos, held firmly against the stone wall by no more then the will of the crazed man before him.
Asras watched the scene before her unfold with twisted amusement shinning in her unusual eyes, as Absalom tore the skin off one of her General’s and impaled his fingers into the screaming woman’s eyes. She took a deep breath, breathing in the terror that was floating around the room. To bad her lover wasn’t here to witness the scene. She thought absently before stepping over the dead body and coming up next to Absalom and placing her hand on his forearm. “I can’t allow you to kill any one else unless I know the reason for it first” She told him in a hard cold voice, as she looked up at him with cold soulless eyes. “General Kistos is a valued member of my Court.”
Absalom’s words came in a whisper, the lids of his eyes growing heavy as if he were suddenly sleepy. She knew if was a false hood for the muscles under her hand were coiled tight. A lazy smile graced his beautiful face.
“He knows the truth. And if its proof you want, female, then proof you shall have.”
Licking a few blood droplets from his bottom lip, Absalom raised a hand and curled it in a fist before ramming it deep into the Kistos’s head, the sounds of bone breaking dancing around them before Absalom twisted his wrist then pulled it back out to reveal a brain, its pale pink color covered in a mis-mash of blood, goo and thin slivers of bone. With a pleased smile Absalom head the organ up before Asras, smiling darkly as her eyes moved to it then spoke again, this time his voice deep and slightly husky.
“All the proof you need is in here, stored safely away for your inspection.” After dropping the clump of squishy meat in her hand he stood back and let the lifeless body drop to the floor in a boneless pile. Then turning around he wiped his hand on his chest, mixing the mess that coated it with the already drying crimson smear from the now healed wound. “I’m late. I must dress for the Demon King. He expects me.”
With those words Absalom deSade strode out of the room, fading into the darkness of the hall.

written with Secret 5/2009


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