The Dream

I see him.
Sitting on an ebony stallion, motionless as a statue.
A warrior strong.
I feel his strength from where I stand.
Power radiating.
Enclosed in armor.
Breast plate, greaves, boots and gauntlets. Black leather covers his legs.
His face is hidden.
A full, black helm covers his head. Coarse black horse hair and ribbons flow from the top.
I feel his stare.
Such a powerful gaze.
Pulling me.
I want to move to him…I must!…but I can’t…not yet.
There’s something in his gaze.
I feel it, but what? It’s alien to me.
One step, that’s all.
The wind blows around me, softly lifting my hair.
I wear a gown.
I feel the material flowing around my legs.
Something heavy on my hips.
A belt of chains.
I smile.
I know what he sees.
Long brown hair, red and gold shines from it.
Ivory skin.
Blue green eyes fringed with dark lashes.
Pink lips.
I breath deeply and sigh.
The slight fragance of wild flowers fills the air.
Tiny, multicolored butterflies hover over the field of flowers.
The horse wickers.
A movement catches my attention.
I look up.
Gauntlet covered hands raise to the helm.
Head bends.
The helm is lifted.
Black hair tumbles to his shoulders.
He raises his head.
Pale skin.
Straight nose.
Onyx eyes.
They were hard eyes, eyes that had seen war and death.
Yet they softened as they gazed on me.
Filled with love.
He stares at me…through me.
‘He knows!’ I think.
‘He knows! He sees me. See’s my emotions, my secrets.’
His cheekbones are shadowed.
Jaw is squared.
Lips full.
My eyes are drawn to his lips.
Locked behind them were secrets.
Soft lips…Hard mouth.
Hard face.
Hard man.
His past is violent…dangerous.
I see that now.
He had been hurt.
I yearn to hold him, against my breast.
I ache for him…with him.
A faint noise is heard.
A beating of a drum.
It gets loudered, painfully loud.
Then I know.
The pain is in my chest.
My heart.
I grow scared.
I’m going to die.
I look away, shielding my heart.
Tears fall from my eyes…blinding me.
A sob escapes my lips.
I turn and run.
Away from this place of beauty.
Away from this man who stirs strange feelings.
“No!” I scream. I don’t want to hurt.
The sky darkneds. A thunder crashes.
Panic washes over me.
I stumble and fall.
Quickly I return to my feet and run.
Behind me I hear the horse…hooves pounding against the ground.
The man rides after me.
To save me…or to hurt me?
I don’t know…I don’t care.
I don’t want to care.
I don’t want to hurt anymore.
The pounding of the horse gets closer.
Lightning flashes.
My chest hurts.
My heart is trying to escape.
If it does I will be hurt.
My breathing is ragged.
The skirt of my gown whips wildly around me. Trying to trip me.
i won’t let it.
My left shoe is suddenly gone…No time to look.
Up ahead is a forest.
I must reach it.
No one can reach me.
Sharp rocks and sticks prick my foot…drawing blood.
The pounding is closer.
I can feel the horse’s breath on the back of my neck.
The woods are not far.
The horse’s head is just past me. I see hs mane flickering in the wind.
Rain starts to drizzle.
Breathing hard.
Beating heart.
Thunder roars.
Pounding hooves.
Breathing of the horse.
Breathing of the man.
Pouring of the rain.
Pounding of my feet.
I scream.
My heart is ripping through.
My lungs are burning.
My feet hurt.
Strong arms encircle my waist, lifting me from my feet.
I am set before him and hear his breathing.
The rain stops. The sky lightens.
A slight breeze passes over me, lifting wet strands of my hair.
I shiver.
A hand gently pushes me against him.
Aromor…cold and slick.
Very faintly I feel heat.
Heat radiating from him.
I close my eyes.
His arms fold around me.
I feel the horse slow his tempo.
I feel my heart slow its tempo.
I feel the man’s heat.
I feel the horse’s heat.
I feel my heat.
Slowly I calm.
Slowly I breathe.
The scent of wild flowers fill the air.
Tinged with the aroma of wet grass and fresh air.
The sun comes out from hiding.
I feel that it is out only for us.
The horse slows to a stop.
I open my eyes.
My heart is calmed. A faint ache reminds me of what has happened.
Slowly I am lowered and set to stand once more on the ground.
Back in the meadow.
The sun is shinning in full glory.
The flowers lift their heads to the light.
Butterflies hover over the blossoms.
Damp grass the only proof of the passed storm.
I hear a soft thud of feet behind me.
Turn to find the man standing near.
He walks to me, a hand raised, palm lifted upward.
I meet his eyes and look away.
My gown is heavy and clings to my frame.
My hair sticks to my neck.
I feel ugly.
Still he waits for me, held stretched out.
I feel him watching me…waiting.
I feel the power, feel the…love?
Slowly I raise my eyes back to his.
He smiles.
Hard yet gentle.
I lift my hand, hesitant and unsure, and place it in his.
He raises it to his lips.
Soft lips.
And kisses it.
I find myself pulled into his embrace, his arms encircling me.
Shielding me.
Protecting me.
I feel like ice melting in the heat.
His breath on my cheek.
I feel warm.


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